About Us




We created Equiberry, combining love for horses and beautiful everyday things. Although we know that material objects are not the most important aspect of life, we believe that being surrounded by things that inspire us with positive feelings can effectively improve our mood and ease routine activities. That's what we would like to give to our customers.




We love stylish design! It is difficult to count the number of times when we were impressed with a beautiful pillow, cup, notebook... but unfortunately we always missed a reference to our individual interests. We do not want anonymous things anymore. Equiberry models are designed for horse lovers, 100% designed by us, according to the latest trends in the world.




We make every effort to ensure that the items produced by us are of the highest quality. Still, we try to implement ecological materials, while paying attention to a comfortable use and hereby to the satisfaction of our customers. The vast majority of our products are created in Poland from scratch. Even when one of the parts is imported from abroad (which we try to avoid), the final product is completed in Poland.




Practically, all of our products are ideal gift ideas for horse lovers. Their universal designs should satisfy people of all ages. Our products are always elegantly packed and make a beautiful impression in as well as outside the box. Joy of unpacking guaranteed!